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For Brighter Ideas...

Digital News By Quanta D.

Multi-Contributor, Journalism, Traditional & Alternative News Media Syndication, Quanta D. Media Room

Presence by Quanta D.

Multi-Level Digital Presence, Marketing Done Differently, Sparks For Brighter Ideas To Last A Lifetime

Publishing By Quanta D.

Multi-Dimensions of Digital Media Publishing & Boutique PR Services For Shining Digital Presence

What Is Quanta D. ?

Online Media Strategists Advocating The Light of Brighter Ideas
A Multi-Dimensional Publishing Creative

Quanta D. is a "Divined" boutique NYC based Digital Image, Marketing and Media Publishing Alternative. A tiny branch of an exclusive Authority Media Group, Quanta D. provides unique content and application of bright ideas to brand goals, focusing on reporting good news, cross-channel Marketing and Publishing, charitable exposure and Nonprofit campaign efforts.

Quanta D. is also a variety of alternative publishing platforms, what you get is multi-dimensional Digital Media, shining Light onto the substance of your imagery to better present you as a go-to Educator, Advocate, as a Beacon of Light beams for your Community, Clients, Industry and future opportunities. Designed to effectively simplify and enhance Marketing, Branding, Media and Publishing efforts of Societal and People-oriented Business and Organization, Quanta D. helps to invoke fresh bright ideas and quality content that can successfully expand business and project goals to also meet the Greater needs of Local and World Community.

Quanta D's unique Image & Presence techniques can offer alternative ways to quickly resolve frustrations in branding, promotion, marketing, building business, publishing, sales and donations. This is a Creative to assists with freeing the creative space you need to be the authentically dynamic you, catapulting your brand's image and campaigns into the kind of leadership, credibility, and quality exposure - with Digital Media - that ensures your ideas and initiatives are presented in your best Light.

  • Graphics, Images, Audio, Writers, Articles, Digital Content Re-Purpose, Presence by Quanta D. PR & Marketing Campaigns

  • Digital Media Publisher: Articles, Books, Interviews, Transcriptions, Digital Content Magic, Book Campaigns

  • Business Magazines, Hosts for Business Innovators Radio, Small Business Trendsetters, Authority Press Wire, Digital News by Quanta D.

  • 200+ News Network Affiliates of FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Online Newspapers + More. Quanta D. submits Local, National, and/or International Authority News Releases

Quanta D. & Associations Are...

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