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What Is Quanta D.?

The Bright Ideas of Digital Media Publishing Strategists
A Multi-Dimensional Publishing Creative

Quanta D' is a mobile NYC based boutique Digital Image & Presence Agency. Centered with a core of focus to provide fresh creativity that will effectively simplify and enhance your branding, Quanta D' Image & Presence techniques offer fun alternative ways to quickly resolve your frustrations of having to worry about "building your brand authority." Quanta D' strategics allow you the necessary creative space to expand your brand's image, placing you into the type of leadership and credibility that grants you the quality of exposure that catapults and speeds your brand into an increase in business that enhances your brand's respect, like-abilities and even sales or donations..

Quanta D' methods are featured in Digital Press, with contributions that speak on important factors of the Quanta D' Digital Presence Method, creating the combination of Marketing, Branding & Publishing. Whether a Start-Up, seasoned Business or Non-Profit project, Quanta D' entails an eclectic range of services to ensure your brand's Image is presented in it's best light. Quanta D' Digital Presence enhancement specialties will help you build your brand in; Authority Marketing & Positioning, Industry and Brand-Specific Optimized Graphics and Digital Media blended with creative Publishing avenues, designed to shape new levels of dimension that realistically optimize the greater success of your brand.

  • Digital Media Publisher:
    Articles, Books, Interviews, Transcriptions, Digital Content Magic, Book Campaigns

  • 200+ News Network Affiliates of FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Online Newspapers + More:
    A Quanta D' Press Release becomes a National News Release

  • Business Magazines, Hosts for Business Innovators Radio, Press Advantage, Authority Press Wire, iReporter, Digital News by Quanta D.

  • Graphics, Images, Audio, Writers, Articles, Digital Content Re-Purpose, Presence by Quanta D. PR & Marketing Campaigns

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