December 8, 2015

Digital News By Quanta D.

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Quanta D. News; News by Quanta D.


Quanta D. Multi-Media Digital News


It’s about creating good news and publishing that truly informs, advocates, educates, inspires and entertains.

The collective of society has become more engulfed in either very bad news or news that most don’t trust to be “real news.”

How news is perceived and received is changing as rapidly as the Digital Age of Consumer Power.

Quanta D. News consists of multi-dimensional digital media and  independent journalism

that provides publishing platforms and digital content of the greater ‘Authority’ quality.

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An Influential Business Magazine Featuring An

Article & Interview Portal for Local Business and Innovators

Quanta D. is a contributing journalist for Business Innovators Magazine, interviewing,

transcribing and articles for community-oriented business, nonprofit projects,

entrepreneurs and professionals. Quanta D. also created the interview series ‘In the Business of Community,’

the Health focused ‘Spotlight on Natural Health’ and will continue with business projects that prove to be

incredibly smart with an unusual innovative twists in better business practices.

Quanta D. is a Contributing Journalist and Writer

for Business Innovators Magazine as of December 2015.




Quanta D. Articles Publish To The Online And

Mobile Websites Of Traditional Newspapers and Business Journals

From The Miami Herald to The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe and to Wall Street Select and many more,

Quanta D. news articles are published to online and mobile newspapers throughout the United States of America.

The online and mobile versions of popular print local and national newspaper outlets are

present and future-focused with promoting and marketing online and mobile newspaper subscriptions.

Newspapers now see and expect a continuing trend of exponential growth of mobile and online subscribers

while print versions of the same traditional newspapers decrease in sales and readership.




The Popular Online Business Interview Magazine

Also Broadcasts and Syndicates News On The Air With Online Radio

Quanta D. press for Business Innovators Magazine extends as a Business Innovators Radio Contributor, Host & Broadcaster.

This publishing platform and Quanta D. news portal highlights the audio interviews of local businesses

and projects that want to offer greater value in spreading their expertise, brand and message on the top online audio broadcasting sites.

Not the average podcast, the popular Business Innovators Radio

makes Quanta D. a new on-air Journalist to broadcast and syndicate quality audio digital content on

iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher and iHeart Radio.




High Search Engine Ranking News

For Press Releases And Independent Journalism

Circa 2004 into the Present, continues to grow and climb the ranks of top online search engines

in Press Release distribution. With a large community from Journalists to PR Agencies,

the community is a major PR (Public Relations) and Business Network that is a

huge market exchange of a wide variety of ideas and news.

Quanta D. is a member from 2015. 




Spotlight Articles And Photo-Essays Of

Trending Professionals In Small Business

Small Business Owners are published into an online magazine platform

of spotlight articles and photo-essays. Spotlight articles

highlight what is trending in business industries, fields, and for

placing a “spotlight” on the business owner.

The Small Business Trendsetters photo-essay likens to a story-board blend

of detailing a specific business event and a short of personal branding news for the small business owner.



When Traditional PR

Submission Meets Online News Syndication 

Another Quanta D. publishing portal, Press Advantage surpasses

what Online PR is in just a few years with Press Release submission for Contributors, Journalists, and Agencies

to place local online businesses into high ranking Online News Media.

Quanta D. began to write and contribute on the Press Advantage PR platform with a Newsroom in July 2016.  



 How to Get Into The News

Digital News by Quanta D. Transforms From

Press Release To News Release & Into Top Online Internet Radio   

 Quanta D. articles and interviews, through any one of the 7 Quanta D. publishing portals,

can be syndicated into the local News affiliates and websites of

the top 5 of U.S News Media. With Quanta D. Independent Journalism combined

with publishing, plus media syndication to 200+ of local National News Media outlets,

and Broadcasts into the best of Online Radio websites, Digital News by Quanta D. is good news with no limit. 

Check out the Quanta D. Media Room below. Click On Each News Piece To Learn More.

News Release: The International Business Times - Quanta D. Media & Marketing News

Quanta D. Featured Author In Amazon Best Selling Series, Local Marketing Trendsetters

Photo Essay: USA Today 'NYC Organic ThanksGiving 2015' - City Harvest

Photo Essay: USA Today 'NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015' - Tofurky Feeds NYC!

Newswire: Quanta D. NYC Organic ThanksGiving 2015 for

Photo Essay: USA Today 'NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015' - Community Solidarity NY

Interview: 'Spotlight On Natural Health,' Natural Mental Health, William Jiang

News Release: World News Daily, 'Spotlight On Natural Health' Interview Series

Interview: 'In The Business Of Community,' Nepal Recovery, Trash to Beauty, Beni Ghale

Press Release + News: Quanta D! for Nonprofit Exposure, As Seen In ABC, FOX, NBC+

Press Release + News: Harlem, NYC Council Candidate @ Harlem Blues Cafe

Quanta D. - WALB10 - Harlem Blues Packed Full In Support of Dawn Simmons for NYC Council_410x474

Press Release + News: William Jiang, As Seen In ABC, FOX, NBC, Newspapers + More

- Press Release + News - Quanta D. Radio, As Seen In ABC, FOX, NBC & More

-Business Innovators Magazine- Interview: Simon Chan Answers Digital Transformation

- Press Release + News - DigiVue CEO, Simon Chan, As Seen In ABC, FOX, NBC & More

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