It’s A Wrap! USA Today ‘NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015’

As we were moved by the acts of the fine organizations in these articles,

Quanta D. was inspired to contribute a mini-series of photo-essays

on USA Today, aptly titled ‘NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015.’

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we look forward to more inspiration for

even more news releases for upcoming Holiday seasons. In the meantime,

to keep in the Spirit of Giving, let’s support these great establishments

for coming together to do something great in not just giving “food,”

but organic food 🙂 Simply copy and save these past photo-essay images and share on Facebook,

Twitter, LinkedIn & email as a way to give back and help these Non-Profits

to continue their amazing giving to those in need.


Quanta D. Mini-Series 'NYC Organic ThanksGiving 2015'_USA Today_City Harvest_Blue Apron_Give Them To EatQuanta Di for USA Today 'NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015' Community Solidarity Inc. Vegan Holiday Food & Giving

Quanta D. for USA Today Mini-Series 'NYC Organic Thanksgiving 2015' Tofurky gives to NYC Mayors CAU