October 1, 2015

Presence By Quanta D.

Digital Age Disuptions Affect Everything,
Including Disrupts To Your Business, Brand & Profits !
It's Not Your Fault ! Typical, General Marketing No Longer Works...

People have become more disinterested, leery, even jaded!
Seeing a constant of the same Marketing, Advertising, & Branding models, haven't you?
The average attention span continues to decrease as Digital, Tech, & The Inter-Web continues to speed,

there are too many disrupting reasons why People are literally "not buying it!" anymore.

Smart and Smarter technologies are being built as you read this.
From Google Updates to keep up with, to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for listings of
quality rankings, constant changes to Digital, competitors and others attempting to hinder your goals,

your media and image must speak unique and success to overcome disruptions.

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Quanta D. & The Bright Idea...
Disrupt Your Disruptions + Give You True Power
= Enhance Your Value With An Ultimate Business Strategy...

Both You & Your Prospects have something in common,
is it not also Your desire to have the best choice, maybe to BE a top choice?

People want the best of value in what they choose
to accept and give their energy to, their time, efforts and hard-earned money included,
so how do You look? How do You measure through the eyes of Your market and industry?

This began with Online Marketing strategies, Its turned into far Greater than some clever tactics!

It's become about YOUR conscious essence.
Designed to spark expansion of new shapes combined with what truly makes You,
uniquely You, to best provide you alternatives of new dimensions that will take your marketing,
branding, content, sales, and Your imagination, on a journey that brings Your bright ideas into manifestation.

Can People Really See Your True Value Online ?

Online Presence-Digital Presence-Marketing-Branding-New York-NY How to Increase Brand Value

Quanta D. PR; Digital Media; Marketing Alternatives; Publishing Service; Branding; Business Development

PResence Is An Eclectic Mix :
Content +Branding +Marketing +Digital Media +PR +Publishing
+ YOU = A Divined Bridge To Present What Makes You Unique & Dynamic

. Shines Light onto Your true value by enlightening People with Your knowledge

. Custom designed to enhance all types of service, offers, or promotion

. Maximizes your unlimited potential for greater successes

You In 'Authority' !

You Stand-Out With Leadership In Your Marketplace...

True 'Google Love' <3

You In Organic Links That Google, Yahoo, & Bing Will Drive To The Top...

7 MultiMedia Dimensions

7 keys & 7 portals To Expand You In PResence...

Boutique Media PR

A New, Fun, Affordable Public Relations Alternative...

*Be Divinely Digital*

 You Shine In Enlightening Your Market & Industry...

Branding That Wins !

You Get Uniquely Set Apart From Competition...

Disruptions To Your Brand's Success?
Divine Digital Dimensions + Authority Marketing + You
= A New Path Of Opportunities To Meet Your Goals, And Beyond ? ...

Presence shines your best Light, 'Authority' positions you to be a best choice!

More People will want to celebrate and share how great YOU are!

Quanta D. enhances, redefines, revives your brand, promotions,
campaigns, and your offers. What could you gain in making and BEing the difference while
increasing the value of your image, your brand, business, your profits, and opportunities?

How much more could you accomplish when your knowledge and experience
inspires and helps success for others? How much greater for your own success potential when you can


Play This! Why YOU NEED ‘AUTHORITY’ In This Digital Age

Authority Positioning | Press Release | Entrepreneur Magazine


“Position Yourself As An Authority And Watch Business Boom!”

– Ken Dunn

Source: Kenn Dunn, Position Yourself As An Authority And Watch Business Boom, Entrepreneur.com


“Think of a press release as your ticket to publicity — one that can

get your company coverage in publications or on TV and radio stations.

Editors and reporters get hundreds of press releases a day. So how can you make yours stand out?”

– Entrepreneur Staff, Entrepreneur.com

Source: Encyclopedia, Definition Of ‘Press Release,’ Entrepreneur.com

The Legendary Info Marketing King, Frank Kern

“Positioning, most importantly positioning yourself as an authority, is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to the market place.”

Business Mogul Extraordinaire, Barbara Corcoran

“When you are constantly quoted as the expert in your field, everybody believes that you are.”

"GodFather" of Direct Marketing, Dan S. Kennedy

"...if you aren’t deliberately, systematically, ... — or rapidly and dramatically — establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you’re ... neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset.”

Barbara Corcoran, ‘The Best PR Move I Ever Made’ | Inc.com | Founders Forum


“Let me tell you what’s great about news coverage;

I could take a full-page ad out in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times

and say my company is the greatest in the world, and maybe 10% of people who read it will believe it,

but, when you’re constantly quoted as the expert in your field, everybody believes you are. It’s an endorsement.”

– Barbara Corcoran

Source: Inc.com, Inc.Video, Founders Forum, Scott Gerber Interviews Barbara Corcoran

Watch The Inc.com Founders Forum Scott Gerber Interview Barbara Corcoran :



A Unique Opportunity
Presented For Especially Qualified Brands Only...
Which Types Of Brands Can Benefit With PResence by Quanta D. ?

. Those of ethical standards, moral considerations, and "win-win-win" plans for their market

. PResence is designed for a multitude of campaigns, initiatives, and business plans

. If you see yourself here, you can expand into success, with PResence...

Business Owners
Real Estate
Information Technology


Charity & Nonprofits
Medical & Health
Consultants & Coaches
Law & Legal
Job Seekers
Finance & Debt
Writers & Authors
Wellness & Fitness
Local Business
Digital & Mobile Tech
International Markets
+ Much More !

PResence Gives You The Keys...
Unlock Access To Dimensions & Worlds Of People
+ Opportunities Completely Hidden From You & Your Competition !

PResence is THE IN!

With Content & Media specifically customized for a dynamic YOU,
your renewed PResence is higher quality Authority, Branding, Marketing, Publishing and
Digital Presence that can instantly captivate the interests of the People that encounter you &
the Prospecs that matter most to your future successes. PResence allows for the Prospects you hope
to do business with to immediately see your brand's true value and true worth of your offers, and service.


PResence Begins With A Bright Idea.
I: Divine YOUR Essence, Empower Your Content.
Preparation To Spark Your New Light To Present To The World.

. Analysis to create your PResence

. Sparks to your goals to best determine your new Media journey

. The Pre-interview Guide + Consult specific to your goals to begin to present your best Light

II. (2) Your Interview, by Quanta D.

25-minutes of contributions to assists your market(s) and your success.

III. (3) Quanta D. Interview Magic

Your interview is transcribed and prepared for Publishing by Quanta D.

IV. (4) Image Your PResence

Your Authority PResence Branding Image, Photojournalism Publishing.

V. (5) You, In Online Radio

Your PResence is syndicated and published into the top online radio platforms.

VI. (6) You, Published by Quanta D.

Your Authority seen in high-ranking Authority web sites, spotlight or interview, maybe a book.

VII. (7) Your PResence Is Good News

As Seen In Local, National, International Media Network Affiliates of Top 5 US News Media.