September 27, 2015

Presence by Quanta D!

Presence  by  Quanta D!                              

Quanta D. Presence by Quanta D.

Open your greater possibilities… 


      Quanta D. New Media Marketing


How you present your brand in offers or service must continue to evolve

along with an ever-evolving Digital Age     How to Market In the New Digital Age of Online Marketing

 Welcome to The Digital Age of Consumer Power

It’s about People..


People have gotten more hip to what campaigns are projecting while exercising greater control

of what they choose to see AND pay for. Businesses of all types take to the world-wide web to grow their sales and ideas,

most find obstacles to their desired success

while still trying to keep up with Marketing, Branding and Advertising campaigns.

The trend to “beat the competition,” and make more money appears still as a part of the goals of the majority.

It is pretty obvious that the same model does not, will not work for everyone. Campaigns have become more generalized in

one-size fits all marketing, advertising and branding schemes that make it much harder for a local business to

increase their chances to touch success, while remaining unique to their brand.


Is your brand’s greater success suffering from

any of these problems?

  Growth Of Customers Blocking Advertising and Marketing Campaigns  

Marketing firms are plenty, offering the same products and services that leave

most brands appearing to be the same and sell the same,

all in the same theme that your modern digital-savvy customers now take notice of.

Some see business campaigns into the meeting of goals and more,

others are left uninspired to even survive with not only producing no profit

but also the shattering of dreams. Most local businesses and smaller nonprofits cannot afford

the average costs of major brand campaigns that make big brands even greater than they are. 

READ THIS! Source: Courtesy of Screen Media Daily – ‘Ad Blocking Disrupting Online Advertising..’ :

. Nearly 70 million Americans use ad-blocking software in 2016

. Forecasts project over 86 million Americans will block ads in 2017

. 419 million people world-wide currently block ads on their mobile devices

. Mobile web and in-app ads can now be blocked

. Consumers see ad blocking as a solution

See more here : PageFair’s 2016 Moble Adblocking Report.

Search Engine Competition (SEO) and Constant Google Update Fears     

Google continues to evolve with constant updates and changes in search algorithms

that either wipes out websites or adds fuel to confusion of what proper

search engine relevancy should be. Google continues to hunt for sites that are intentionally not

making the effort to provide an optimized user-experience, which is only fair to all internet users and

the brands that actually care to give the best user-experience that they can.

As Google continues to fight devious spam – the sneaky overuse of keywords

and key-phrases using “black hat” tactics to try to unfairly rise in

search engine results – even greater changes are to come to the state of SEO in the coming year –

but no need to fret or fear, Google continues to make changes that are to benefit all

from major brands to the extra localized business and what is supposed to become

an overall highly improved User experience for everyone. 

READ THIS! Source: Courtesy of Google Webmasters Blog and :

. More than 50% of Google’s traffic comes from searches made with mobile devices

. From January 10, 2017, any content not Google “mobile-friendly”

from mobile search results may not rank as highly

. User experience and their content must be made mobile priority..


How Can You Continue to Grow, Expand, Become and Remain Top Choice

in Your Market for Your Clients, Customers & Prospects?

Something must change.

Clients are “Consumers” that are “Users” and CUSTOMERS are PEOPLE that are also Prospects.

It is you that is also a “Consumer,” don’t you also expect and hope to receive the best value

and make the best choice possible for what you choose to buy or give?

Providing more than a product to sell and a “share this” is to create great value in

becoming the best Educator and Advocate that you can be for your people and your prospects.

Your brand will have to project an image of greater value that surpasses

pretty social media posts and same ol’ marketing campaigns.

What could you do with a cost-effective way that

combines and quickly accelerates your branding, marketing, advertising

and publishing efforts PLUS gives you fresh digital media content

that makes a difference in doing social good while having lots of fun doing it



Presence  by  Quanta D!


an eclectic mix of bridging branding, marketing and

advertising with media publishing.

Designed to enhance any campaign or brand type, Quanta D! shines light onto and into the

true value and substance that maximizes your brand’s unlimited potential

to achieve ever greater success.


 Quanta D. Digital Media Quanta D. Presence


Presence by Quanta D!  

is a unique Authority Marketing & Media service.

Unlike typical Marketing, Branding, Advertising services that can easily be found online, or in a phone book, 

this is not yet another common service that can be replicated by your competition and other brands in your industry. 

Quanta D. brings the sparks of Divine, Digital, Dimensions to ‘Authority.’

“Position yourself as an Authority and watch Business boom.”  – Ken Dunn,


If You’re An

Entrepreneur, Local Business, Nonprofit, Professional, Consultant, Attorney, Doctor, Author, Coach, Educator,

does not matter what your field or industry or profession is, here’s some of what this can do for you:


No More Having to Worry About SEO Competition


Set Your Campaigns for Specific Locations


Stand Out From The Rest With High Quality Marketing


 Got Presence ?


Quanta D. Brighter Ideas


“Think of a press release as your ticket to publicityone that can

get your company coverage in publications or on TV and radio stations.

Editors and reporters get hundreds of press releases a day. So how can you make yours stand out?” Staff @


Costs for Marketing, Branding, Advertising and PR combined is normally too expensive

for most Local Businesses, Startups, Professionals, Local Nonprofits, and Entrepreneurs of all sorts.  

These packages can easily be separately priced at thousands of dollars.

A Press Release alone can range from $197 to upwards of $1,500 for just a single Press Release, 

with no consulting to show you how to best maximize it to get the best results for your business growth.

Brands of all types pay full cost for these services because they need to establish increased exposure

and a presence that hopefully gives them notoriety that eventually makes them more money.

Exposure and relevancy is seen as invaluable with high PR packages from $5,000 with some priced closer to $25,000.

Is this affordable for most people? Can your brand afford to pay this?

However, most major corporations and Big Business have budgets for Marketing, Branding, Advertising & PR!

Listen to Barbara Corcoran for a better understanding of why they pay so much for this,

why so many brands hope to get picked up by the News, and what Media PR has done for her Real Estate business.

Orig. Source: Founders Forum,, Inc.Video, Interviewed by Scott Gerber, ‘Barbara Corcoran: Doing It Her Way, and Doing It First’

Video View Source: Major Media Marketing, YouTube

“…Let me tell you what’s great about news coverage; I could take a full page ad out in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and say my company is the greatest in the world and maybe 10% of people who read it will believe it, but when you’re constantly quoted as the expert in your field, everybody believes that you are. It’s an endorsement. Even if you’re not, it’s a third-party endorsement, and then eventually, if the Media needed anything having to do with Real Estate, why did they come to me? Because they knew I had the number…”
– Barbara Corcoran, Corcoran Realty & Shark Tank


Presence  by  Quanta D!


    Quanta D. Writes & Transcribes  Presence by Quanta D. from Interviews to Digital Media       How to Get Into the News      How To Market Your Images To Grow Your Business

More Than A Press Release.

More Than Media Quotes.

It’s News-Worthy Digital  Media Content that Gets You Into The News.


Journalists and News Networks are always on the search for brands and Professionals that are Media-prepared.

Your being prepared for Media means they look to see if you have some type of Media attention,

this is what gets you the attention of Local and National News.

You have to already have placements in the Media for better chances of

getting picked up for major News, TV, Talk Shows and Online Radio.

Reporters and Major Media networks have to trust to choose you.

Having the proper packaging of a well-prepared Press Kit, increases your chances to get chosen to get in the News

PLUS builds the right content and Media for you and your brand that can lasts for life.

Stand Out With Presence 

Presence  by  Quanta D! … built to help you stand out,

built to help enhance your bright ideas.

Quanta D. is an Authority Media Agent, specializing in

what you need to create a new or continuing Digital Presence  for you, your brand, your offers and/or your services.

With an Authority Presence by Quanta D., you get the quality of Media

that enhances the quality of your Marketing, Branding, Advertising and

Publishing with Digital Media Content & honest, Real News that features YOU.



Presence by Quanta D. Marketing Branding Advertising & Publishing with Digital Media and News Network Affiliates.

The Is Where It Begins:

The Consultation to Divine Your Authority Presence 

 To Give Spark to Your Immediate Needs – For New Campaigns or Enhance Your Existing Campaigns & Offers



Presence by Quanta D. Digital Authority Marketing Media


7 Dimensions of Digital Presence 



       The 25-Minute Quanta D. Interview To Give

The 1st Phase of Your Authority Presence by Quanta D.

 To Boost To Your Brand, Your Services, Your Offers, & Position You



Quanta D. Writes & Transcribes  Quanta D. Spark

Your Interview Becomes Digital Media Content

Quanta D. Converts Your Interview To Re-Purpose The Text

Into Either A Written Quanta D. Authority Article Or Spotlight Article




 Presence by Quanta D. from Interviews to Digital Media    Quanta D. Broadcast    Presence by Quanta D. Digital Media Marketing

Your Interview Recording Gives You Authority Positioning & Media

& Another Piece Of Quanta D. Digital Media Marketing Content In Audio

Your New Authority Gets Broadcasted Into Online Radio




Quanta D. Image Presence     Quanta D. Spark

 Image Re-purpose by Quanta D.

Quanta D. Edits An Image You Have Or Creates One

 You Get An Authority Image Sparked for High Quality Authority Marketing





You Get Published by Quanta D.

Your New Digital Media Content Gets Published Into

A High Ranking Authority Web Site, A Press Release, Magazine, Or A Book




How to Get Into the News  Quanta D. Spark

Your Authority Marketing Content Gets

Online Newspaper Publishing by Quanta D.

You Get National Media Placement In Newspapers & Journals




      Digital Media Marketing Content & Publishing

Presence by Quanta D. Gets Your New Quanta D. Authority Content

Making Real News In The News Media

You Don’t Just Get Marketing – You Get Authority by Quanta D.

Your Authority Marketing Becomes Authority Media

Your Authority Media Becomes An Authority Presence

 The Quanta D. Bridge of Marketing, Branding, Advertising, and Publishing

Will Get You the Spark that Can Make Your Customers, Clients and Prospects

Excited and Loyal Fans of Your Brand with

Presence  by  Quanta D!  


What Difference can this Presence make for Your business?

And in as little as 7 days?




  • Your Brand In New & Fresh Digital Media Content
  • You Published As An Authority In Your Field & Industry
  • Google Loves You and Your Keywords
  • Your Contribution to REAL News with News that features You
  • Your Clients, Customers & Prospects Will Be Happier To See and Share Your News and Content
  • You “As Seen In” Real Credible and Respectable News
  • Not Having To Worry As Much About Your Competition

You can get recognized for what makes you and your products or service dynamic,

your business gains an enhanced value with exposure, and you get to have fun while you do this.

Where will your brand be in 7 days from now?

Where could you be with ‘Presence by Quanta D!’ ?

Isn’t it time for you?

Quanta D. now has 3 Authority Media shows.

Your brand could be placed on one of Quanta D’s shows

and include some or all of the above features of 

Presence  by  Quanta D!


In The Business Of Community 

The Show for Businesses & Professionals that are

Locally, Nationally, or Internationally Community-Oriented


Spotlight On Natural Health 

 Highlights Topics & Innovation of The Growing Natural Health Industry,

Featuring Products, Services, Natural Health Professionals and Natural Health Projects


In Indie 

The Happenings of the Independent Art World, Will Feature Indie Artists of

All Art Forms, Groundbreaking Art Projects, & Anything Independent Art



Quanta D. shows make Media.

Learn More About Quanta D. Radio on World Net Daily

Quanta D. is currently working to fill all 3 shows for 2017.

Go back to the Homepage to Fill out the Contact Form to inquire

about getting onto a Quanta D. show or to get your brand a quote for

Presence  by  Quanta D!

OR Call To Qualify @ 1(844) QUANTA D

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